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Ringed Structures of the HD 163296 Protoplanetary Disk Revealed by ALMA

December 12th, 2016 by ai14


Check out our new paper on baby planets!




Spiral density waves in a young protoplanetary disk !!

October 20th, 2016 by ai14

We have discovered spiral density waves in the distribution of dust particles around a very young low mass star.

The results are published on Science.
The manuscript is also available of astro-ph at http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2016arXiv161005139P

New research article!

August 18th, 2016 by ai14

My new research article written in collaboration with Neal Turner (JPL) is on the arXiv. Check it out!


Planet Formation around Binary Star

February 15th, 2016 by ai14

Check this out!

Postdoctoral position available

January 6th, 2016 by ai14

We are looking for a new postdoc to join our research group.

The application deadline is January 15th, 2016.

The job ad is available on at the AAS Job Register at this link https://jobregister.aas.org/job_view?JobID=52831

New postdoctoral position

August 26th, 2015 by ai14

A new postdoctoral position will be advertised soon. Stay tuned!


Postdoctoral position available

September 30th, 2014 by ai14

An ad for a Postdoctoral position in the Planet Formation group has been posted here and on the Facebook circustellar disk group. It will appear in the November release of the ASS Job Register. The deadline for applying is December 1st.

Brown bags lunch – Sep 23 @ noon – BRK 200

August 27th, 2014 by ai14

Grad! I will be talking about my research and research opportunities for you at the Brown Bags lunch on September 23rd at noon in BRK 200.

the “Planet Formation and Circumstellar Disks” webpage is alive

August 5th, 2014 by ai14