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These are the members of our group here at Rice.

PostDoctoral schoolars

Photo on 9-24-15 at 4.21 PM #2

Yann Boehler joined us in June, 2015, right in time to experience the Houston summer.
Yann’s research focuses on the study of protoplanetary disks using millimeter-wave observations.




Shangfei Liu  joined us in December 2015. Shangfei works on the formation and structure of planets.
He will split is time between Rice and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he will be working with Dr. Hui Li group.




Graduate students

Photo on 9-24-15 at 4.22 PM

Erik Weaver is a Rice second year graduate student. Erik’s research¬†focuses on measuring the gas turbulent velocity in protoplanetary disks.





Jason Ling is a Rice first year graduate student. Jason research focuses on detecting planets at radio wavelengths.






Undergraduate students

Photo on 9-25-15 at 2.35 PM

Mishaal Hassan is a Rice Junior.
Mishaal is working on the calibration and analysis of JVLA data of one cool protoplanetary disk.